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Barb StuartI was able to get access to IRG Capital’s lending Network even after 3 years of signing up with them…

Barb Stuart

Einar SigurdssonHi, my name is Einar Sigurdsson from Casa foods company. I have been in the business credit coaching program for about 5 months now and am really excited about what just happened on Tuesday. I was approved for a 10 million dollar factoring line of credit that is going to be vital to my company as we continue to grow. I have found the coaching program to be very thorough and while it did take some time, I can say with full confidence that my company is now credible and now has the financial backing to allow us to grow

Einar Sigurdsson

Joseph ZavagninA few months ago we were in need of some additional lines of credit and found IRG Capital, they helped us obtain over $400,000 in Corporate Credit…

Joseph Zavagnin

Laura WhorleyIRG Capital helped us expand our dry cleaning business from one center to three dry cleaning centers…Thank you so much!

Laura Whorley

Donna RayWithin 30 days we obtained over $75,000 in corporate credit…within the last 6 months as we have continued the credit building process we now have over $225,000 in actual CASH credit!

Donna Ray

Brian Jones I had applied at the banks prior to meeting IRG Capital and was turned down, after I started building my corporate credit I was able to obtain over $100,000 in corporate credit…all CASH!

Brian Jones

Luther ChaseBecause of all your help I am now able to start expanding my marketing company. I cant say how happy I am with the results. This is a perfect time for us to start growing and we couldn’t have done it without you

Luther Chase

Alvin AndresWow. What a service. You guys are the real deal and I am so glad I found your website. Thanks to the help of the coaches I have been able to establish 5 credit cards without a personal guarantee.

Alvin Andres

Orlin OlsonWow, I cant say how happy I am to have worked with your company. What a great program you have. I now have enough money to start up my business and the confidence I need to sleep well at night. Hopefully by this time next year I have double the amount of credit you have helped me obtain so far.

Orlin Olson

Peter ConchaBecause your team was so helpful in my equipment financing needs, I was able to open a new office and grow my practice by 37%. Without you that would not have been possible. I and my bank account, cant thank you enough!

Peter Concha

Devon BeckYou have been so good to work with. My coach was an expert and I am so glad I followed his advice. It paid off in the long run. He helped me realize that this was not an overnight activity. Thanks to your effect I was able to get my business started properly.

Devon Beck

David NgoIt is really funny how I found out about your company. My brother in law works for one of your competitors. I asked him about how to get started with business credit thinking that he would recommend that I sign up with the company he works for and he actually told me to sign up with you guys! He said that you were the best in the industry and if he was going to refer a family member that IRG Capital would be the place he recommends. You really should get him to start working for your company. Thanks for all your help.

David Ngo

Taylor NancyAfter being declined for a loan application I called corporate credit concepts and signed up for their coaching program. I am so glad I did. Not only was I approved, 3 months later for the loan they helped me get, but now I have a business credit file that I can go and obtain more financing any time I need it! This is worth 10 times what I paid you so far!

Taylor Nancy

Boris BrightI am actually surprised how much work it was. I didn’t know it would be so detailed, however, I am so glad I joined your program…. I am well on my way to a very bright looking future and have been able to obtain a loan of $14,000 so far.

Boris Bright

Garth HunterI know understand why building business credit is so important. I would have never understood or known how without you guys. Thanks to your coaches and their help I can now say I am well on my way to unlimited business financing.

Garth Hunter

Camila ElliotYou guys have always been straight forward and honest. With so many scams out there about funding and business credit I was able to always confirm and follow my coaches advice and have been better off for it.

Camila Elliot

Casar CortezI am so very happy I signed up with you. What a great program and what a great coaching program you have. Now I have enough credit to get me through my slow season and be able to get ready for next summers sales.

Casar Cortez

Thaddeus StoutYou wouldn’t believe how I was treated at another one of your competitor-coaching program. I was fed up with their program and found yours. After doing some research and signing up you were a breath of fresh air. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thaddeus Stout

Susann ArlingtonIf I would have know about IRG Capital last year I would have been so much better off. Thanks for your efforts and all you did. I am glad I followed your strategies. To date, I have been able to build a strong file and obtain the credit my business needed to get me through these rough times.

Susann Arlington

Bonner MerrittI wish I would have known about you guys 5 years ago when I first started in business. It would have been so much easier. My biggest recommendation to anyone is to start sooner than later. You will be glad you did!

Bonner Merritt

Jose AcunaIRG Capital has built a foolproof system. My business credit coach walked me through step by step until I had the amount of cash credit I was in need of…$175,000!

Jose Acuna

Jacob DunnIRG Capital made the process of separating my personal credit from my business credit so easy. Thanks a lot. You made it possible to take my business to the next level.

Jacob Dunn

Mathew EthanI never thought of purchasing a shelf corporation. My business credit coach helped me obtain over $200,000!

Mathew Ethan

Daniel Jones The process was so simple thanks to IRG Capital.

Daniel Jones

Andrew JensenUnfortunately, I went through another business credit building company that charged over $1000 upfront with no guarantee. The only thing I ended up with is a business credit file and some vendor credit…no cash credit! Once I started working with IRG Capital I was able to obtain over $100,000 in CASH credit. Thanks guys!

Andrew Jensen

Pettis BrooksThank you for all your help. Building business credit was so easy.

Pettis Brooks

Lou Hubert I have been following your program for over 9 months now and have over $300,000 in cash credit!

Lou Hubert

Maria SantanaI now have the ability to take my company to the next level. Thanks to you guys I was able to secure over $200,000 in unsecured business lines of credit.

Maria Santana

Steven RobinsonAfter maxing out my personal credit for business expense purposes IRG Capital taught me how to separate my personal credit from my business credit. Now my scores are where they should be and my business credit is where it should be!

Steven Robinson