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The Strategy:

Corporate JetWe have all seen reports in the news of the volatility of the stock market.  In these uncertain times we live in many folks are wondering exactly how they may plan for the future now that the rules have changed.  If you’re an investor  or you desire to be one, you want to make as much money as you can while taking as little risk as possible.  This obvious fact is true of everybody.  Unfortunately perceived risk is for the most part correlated with returns.  Simply put, the more money you make or better stated, the higher your returns the higher the risk…Right?

What if there was a way to get great returns and at the same time have very little to no risk?

What are the steps to do that?

  • Know how much you want to invest

  • Calculate how many $50,000 dollar lines of credit would equal that investment

  • Work with us to help you create those lines

  • As Cash becomes available from your credit lines, pull out your own capital and replace it with your lines of credit

By following this process you eliminate a good part of your personal risk and transfer it to your corporations.  This strategy insulates your personal credit as well as personal assets from the ups and downs that normally occur in business as well as protecting yourself and personal estate from litigation.

Offshore Structuring

 Offshore Profits:

In working with IRG Capital you can take advantage of the numerous laws that allow you to structure your business in multiple countries.  Incorporating in countries with lower tax laws realizes more profits as well as access to MORE cash.  Talk to us today to learn more about the amazing advantages to developing an International Business Corporation.