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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the BCB?

BCB is our Business Credit Blueprint.  It is a process that enables people to get substantial amounts of cash through lines of credit (LOC’s) and credit cards (CC’s) WITHOUT having to use personal credit / personal guarantees (PG’s) to obtain the funds.  The funds may be used for anything including business expansion, business start up, personal bills (to stay afloat), etc. The funds are obtained through corporate entities.

How does the process work?

You sign up to start the BCB  and a coach is assigned to you to help you complete the process. All our coaches are rewarded base on the success and satisfaction they achieve  with you.

- Selecting your entity

- Getting it into compliance (ready to apply for credit) by making sure it has a proper address, a (business only) phone number, etc. and making sure it is properly listed in the appropriate business directories

- Completing, submitting to and following up with the lenders to make sure that the funds (in the form of LOC’s / CC’s) arrive in your mailbox.

You keep us updated by giving us copies of all of your statements so that we can accurately track your progress.

How much does it cost and how may I pay for it?

Cost is based on your specific needs

How much Corporate Non-Personally Guaranteed Credit can you secure for me and how fast can you do it?

Depending on how much credit you need and how fast you need it:

- We have our basic plan that can get you $60,000 in 90-180 days.

- Our Cloning package doubles what you were initially approved for.

Can you expedite my entity / credit package?

Unfortunately, we must follow a specific set of guidelines in order to achieve maximum funding for your entity. Each step takes a certain amount of time to finish and there are no short cuts.

What separates the IRG Capital BCB from all of the other Corporate Credit Companies?

We have done over 250 million in sales revenue over a period of 18 years.  Our corporate credit coaches work tirelessly to get your the results you need and their compensation is tied to your satisfaction

What factors contribute to the variations in loan amounts that my entity receives through the BCB?

These are among the main and only contributing factors to how much credit you may be approved for using the BCB:

- Type of business

- Zip code/Location of the business

- The fact that banks are constantly changing their guidelines and policies

What type of entities do you Use / Provide for people?

The ONLY entity that the BCB works with is a Corporation. We cannot work with your LLC’s, Trusts, etc.

What if I already have a seasoned (2 years + of existence – birth date / date of registration at the Secretary of State)?

Our BCB experts may be able to work with your current corporation. We can take a quick look at your corporation’s credit history and we will let you know if we can improve your current credit worthiness.  In some cases it is better to start a new corporation with a clean slate.

What type of business facilities and or requirements are needed to be in place in order for someone to have success in the BCB?

A business owner will need to:

- Have a physical presence (brick and mortar office / location)

- Have a separate business phone line

- Open a separate business bank account in the name of the entity and maintain a minimum balance for the duration of the BCB.